Micro Scalp Pigmentation Testimonial – Alex

Alex had suffered from baldness since adulthood. He leads a busy, stressful life and didn’t really notice his hair loss until it was so substantial, that he was not able to be a candidate for a hair transplant. His friend had recently had a Micro Scalp Pigmentation treatment, and he realised that as he wears his hair very short, this treatment would be perfect for him. After having a consultation with one of our MSP consultants in Manchester, he decided to go ahead with the treatment.

Alex also used our extensive range of Vinci MSP videos on youtube to assess the fantastic results that have been achieved by Vinci Hair Clinic. When it came to the day of the MSP treatment, he knew he wanted a realistic, sympathetic hairline that suited his face properly, and was relevant to his age.

“The problem area I had was the frontal hairline, and to a lesser extent the crown. I was a Norwood 4, which meant I needed 4 sessions to complete my treatment.” The fact was there was some hair left, helped blend seamlessly the result so its almost impossible to tell where Alex’s hair is, and the MSP treatment has been applied. “I wanted the best result possible, and the staff at Vinci were so helpful in providing me with the best result possible, over the 4 sessions of scalp pigmentation I had.”

The MSP Alex had means he just needs to shave his head every couple of days to keep his existing hair short enough to blend in with the MSP. “It works really good for me. The contrast from the pigment to my hair is very precise so nobody notices where my hair ends, and where the pigmentation starts.”

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