Micro Scalp Pigmentation Testimonial – Ayo

Ayo suffered for years from hair loss, and wanted to have his hairline back, and spent years worrying about his hair loss. Combining his receding hairline, with the hair loss on his crown he realised he had to do something about it. He tells his story about his Scalp Micro Pigmentation journey and how he achieved his restored hairline.

“I found out about Vinci Hair Clinic online. For many years I have been bald. After looking at many different types of treatments I found on Vinci’s website the treatment Micro Scalp Pigmentation.”

After contacting the clinic online and arranging a consultation, Ayo decided that he wanted the treatment. “The doctor told me about Micro Scalp Pigmentation and also about hair transplants. I decided on the Scalp Pigmentation which was not painful, which gave me the look of hair on my head without surgery.”

Ayo Hairline

Ayo’s MSP treatment was performed over three sessions by a qualified Vinci pigmentation professional. He suffered no pain after the treatment, and it gave him the desired look of a short, cropped haircut and the MSP blended perfectly with his existing hair.

“The whole experience was very satisfying. I now have a different look to what I had before. People would stop and ask me what’s different about you? It has made me very confident now. I would definitely recommend Vinci Hair Clinic for Scalp Pigmentation to get the result I got here.”

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