Micro Scalp Pigmentation Testimonial – Carl

Carl, from Wales has always looked after himself, and taken care of his appearance. Over the past ten years he has gradually lost his hair, and noticed not only his hairline receding, but also his crown has practically disappeared. After spending years trying to cut his hair short to disguise it, to growing his hair longer, decided to do something about it.

“I had extensive hair loss and didn’t want to have a hair transplant, so after discovering the Micro Scalp Pigmentation treatment online I decided instantly that it was the right treatment for me. I keep my hair short these days so this treatment would be just the job for me.”

Carl researched online the treatment and discovered the Vinci MSP videos on youtube and watched all of the relevant video material produced by Vinci Hair Clinic, and decided to arrange himself a consultation at our clinic in London.

“I had to travel to London, but this didn’t bother me as the quality of MSP treatments I had seen on the youtube video’s, and also on Vinci’s website convinced me that they produce the best MSP treatments, and it was definitely worth the journey(s) to have this treatment done. After 4 sessions with the fantastic staff in London, the result is there for everyone to see and I am so happy with it. Friends and Family look at me and tell me there something different about me, and when I point out its my new hairline they are totally gobsmacked and amazed.”

The MSP Carl had means he only needs to shave his head using an electric shaver every couple of days, which keeps his existing hair short enough to blend in with the MSP treatment. “It’s simple to maintain, and thats important for me. The blending has been fantastic between the pigment to my hair so its not really possible to see where my hair ends, and where the pigmentation starts.”

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