According to one article[i], famous Indian cricket player Mohit Sharma is blaming hair loss for his slump in form. The renowned player says that hair loss has caused him to lose confidence in himself, which has worsened his ability to play cricket. While this may come as a surprise to some, at Vinci Hair Clinic we’ve spoken to thousands of people experiencing hair loss around the world, and it’s actually quite common.


Your hair is a vital part of your identity. When you begin to lose your hair, it can feel like you’re losing touch with yourself. For famous athletes, this often includes losing confidence in their performance abilities. In fact, human cultures around the world and throughout time have associated hair with health, virility, and confidence. It’s not surprising that losing your hair causes you to feel unhealthy, powerless, and unconfident. But luckily, there are effective hair loss solutions for Mohit Sharma and others experiencing the loss of confidence associated with hair loss.

The most effective treatment for hair loss is a hair transplant surgery. Many athletes and coaches undergo hair transplants to spur hair regrowth and recover their identity and confidence. Our experts at Vinci Hair Clinic believe that if Sharma considered hair transplant surgery, he could regain his confidence and restore his cricket form. Hair transplant surgeries are a relatively simple procedure with low risks––as long as they’re performed by experts, that is. Unfortunately, many uncertified people offer dangerous hair transplants at low rates. If you want to invest in restoring your appearance and confidence, be sure to only trust certified experts. While the prices might seem high, the price of recovering from a botched transplant will be even higher.

If you don’t qualify for hair transplant surgery, scalp micropigmentation is a solid second option. Designed to mimic the appearance of a shorn head or to make thinning hair appear thicker, scalp micropigmentation is a reliable way to permanently restore your appearance. Again, be sure to only trust certified experts. Pop-up clinics and tattoo artists claiming to offer scalp micropigmentations often only make your hair worse. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we’re dedicated to helping everyone restore their appearance and confidence through reliable hair regrowth treatments.





Mohit Sharma Blames Hair Loss for Loss of Confidence and Form