Over the last few years, it’s becoming increasingly common for sports-stars and celebrities to have hair restoration work done. Some of the famous names who’ve had hair transplant surgery, and talked to the press about it, include Wayne Rooney and Shane Warne. There has been speculation that David Beckham and Lewis Hamilton have also undergone treatment, though there has been no confirmation whether it is true or not. More recently, the eyes of fans and the media alike have turned towards two more famous footballers who may have had hair loss surgery.

Has Andros Townsend had a hair transplant?

Followers of Crystal Palace have noticed that winger Andros Townsend seems to have thicker hair than he did in the past. Photos from two or three years ago show that the now 27-year-old had significant thinning around his hairline, which is typical of hair loss experienced by men with androgenetic alopecia. It seems highly likely that his denser, lower hairline is the result of a hair transplant surgery.

Has David Silva had a hair transplant?

Spaniard David Silva was once known for his mid-length hair, shocking fans when he suddenly shaved his head in July 2017. Many fans believe that the Manchester City player had surgery then, based on the red spots and inflammation that were visible around his hairline at the time. Over a year later, it seems that the hair transplant rumours are correct – Silva’s hairline is certainly lower than it was previously.

Could hair transplant surgery help you?

Having hair restoration work is not only popular among those who live in the limelight. An increasing number of men who have more conventional jobs and lifestyles are also opting to get hair loss treatment. Modern hair transplant techniques (FUT and FUE) make it possible to treat most cases of pattern baldness with just one surgical session. The treatments have been developed to allow highly-effective graft removal to leave minimal scarring and ensure an easy, quick recovery after surgery. The results of FUE and FUT hair transplants are permanent and look totally natural, making surgery into a practical choice that is a true alternative to going bald.

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