Over the last few months or years, you’ve noticed that your other half’s hair is thinning or that their hairline getting progressively higher. Perhaps you’ve also observed that he or she always wears hats or avoids social events. You know that hair loss is becoming a problem for your partner – but what can you do about it?

Hair loss is no laughing matter

Vinci Hair Clinic’s consultants say that clients often talk about feeling embarrassed about their hair loss and they fear that people must be laughing at them. All too often, they tell stories of how family, friends and even strangers make jokes about baldness at their expense. It’s important for anyone whose loved one has hair loss to understand how serious the emotional impact of alopecia is. The condition can cause depression and anxiety, as well as feelings of isolation and anger.

Wanting to do something about hair loss isn’t vain

Another common worry among hair loss sufferers is that they’ll be judged by others for getting hair restoration treatment. We’ve all heard people say that getting hair transplants is vain and that bald people should just learn to love what they have. Those who make these statements don’t realise how deeply our hair is connected to our sense of self. When someone starts going bald, it can make them feel like they are losing part of their personality too, or becoming old while they still feel young. Alopecia can be a huge blow to esteem and confidence.

How to support a loved one who has hair loss Vinci Hair Clinic Free Consultations

Approaching the subject of hair loss is difficult as it is so sensitive for the sufferer. Start out by letting them know that you’ve sensed their discomfort about the issue and that you are there to listen and support. When you’ve opened up the lines of communication, you can find a good time to talk about them getting professional help. Your partner could talk advantage of Vinci Hair Clinic’s offer of a free, no-obligation consultation at one of their treatment centres around the globe. They provide personalised advice and can help your partner feel confident about their hair again.

My Other Half is Going Bald – How Can I Help?