In 2013, Conservative MP Nadine Dorries made headlines when she talked about her hair loss in an interview on ITV’s Daybreak television program. 

Dorries described the emotional effect of noticing her hair was falling out, saying that she felt like she was losing her femininity. She explained that the worst part was looking in the mirror each morning, and crying over how her appearance had changed. Vinci Hair Clinic say that the emotional impact that Dorries talked about is common and that many female hair loss sufferers experience the same feelings of distress over their condition.

Dorries, a former participant in the popular show “I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here”, also made the somewhat controversial remark that men deal with hair loss by having a mid-life crisis, while women hide away. Vinci Hair Clinic say that, in fact, trying to disguise bald patches and thinning is a common reaction amongst both males and females – whether they take to wearing a wig or hat at all times, or avoiding social situations altogether. However, female hair loss has always been more of a taboo subject than male hair loss, and it is only recently that attitudes have started to change.

It is thanks to women like Dorries, who have been brave enough to talk openly about their condition, and hair restoration experts like those at Vinci Hair Clinic, that females with hair loss no longer feel the need to keep it a secret. Vinci Hair Clinic’s specialists are seeing more female patients than ever, and are delighted that these women are seeking help instead of hiding their hair loss worries.

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With extensive research and years of experience, Vinci Hair Clinic have developed medical, non-surgical and surgical hair restoration solutions that are fully adapted to the needs of women with hair loss. They offer safe, effective and personalised treatments, based on the individual patient’s condition and goals for hair restoration.

If you are worried about hair loss, don’t suffer in silence any longer – take inspiration from Nadine Dorries’ story and get expert advice to find out how you can regain your hair and your self-confidence.





Nadine Dorries Talks About Her Hair Loss