Scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) is one of the most innovative hair restoration treatments available and an increasingly popular choice for balding men. As consumer desire for the service grows, so does the number of businesses offering it. Unfortunately, this is where problems can arise.

Though SMP has some comparisons to a traditional body tattoo, it is a more complex procedure that requires a highly skilled hand and artistic eye. Vinci Hair Clinic’s consultants say that they are seeing more and more people who have had SMP at hair, beauty and tattoo salons, and are unhappy with the results. 

What are the causes of bad SMP? A common problem is when the procedure is carried out by an untrained and unskilled technician, who places the microdots of pigmentation too deep or shallow in the scalp tissue. Unflattering hairline designs with harsh lines and colour contrasts are another issue that occurs when work is done by inexperienced technicians. The use of poor quality pigments, or tattoo inks, and equipment can also cause flawed SMP results. In these cases, the inks may fade, blur or even change colour.

SMP is a permanent hair restoration technique, but Vinci Hair Clinic’s experts explain that they can often help resolve a bad result by using laser tattoo removal. However, it is always preferable to get it right the first time, rather than trying to fix a mistake.

You should only get SMP done by a specialist clinic that has a proven track record of excellence. Vinci Hair Clinic pioneered the Vinci Scalp Micro Pigmentation procedure and train their technicians not only in technique, but in creating an aesthetically pleasing result. They take into consideration how the SMP will look as the client ages and build a design that will still be flattering in years to come.

Another difference with Vinci Scalp Micro Pigmentation is their use of the most advanced equipment and specialist pigments in a wide range of tones. This allows their technicians to create the most natural look possible, tailoring the design to suit their client’s skin and hair tones.

To find out more about getting a high-quality scalp micro pigmentation treatment with superior, natural-looking results, contact Vinci Hair Clinic. They can provide you with all the information you need to decide whether this is the right hair restoration solution for your needs.


Why You Need A Specialist Clinic to Do Your Scalp Micro Pigmentation