According to the Taipei Times, more women are experiencing hair loss than ever before. In fact, American Hair Loss Association (AHLA) founder, Spencer Kobran, has labelled women’s hair loss a “neglected epidemic” that is actually “a disease of the spirit because it tears away at the very fabric of a woman’s being.” At Vinci Hair Clinic, we’re dedicated to helping women throughout the world conquer this neglected epidemic by taking control of their hair regrowth. We offer important options that can empower women who battle this “disease of the spirit.”

While most hair thinning among women can be attributed to heredity, Spencer Kobran claims that the increase in female hair loss is caused by increased use of birth control pills, which change hormonal balances. The Taipei Times quotes Kobran as saying, “Women are screwing with their hormones younger in life and besides the other problems, it’s causing hair loss. If women who are predisposed to hair loss knew that there was a strong possibility that they could lose their hair, they would choose another form of birth control.” While Kobran’s claims about the relationship between birth control and hair loss could be true, it’s important to remember that each person’s body reacts to birth control differently. Discuss with your medical professional before making big decisions about your sexual health.

Whether inherited or influenced by birth control, female hair loss differs from male hair loss in crucial ways. While men experience hair loss on the crown of their head and eventually go bald only at the top, female-pattern baldness usually occurs evenly over the whole scalp. The different pattern of hair loss means that treatments will differ, too. When you’re searching for treatments for female-pattern hair loss, be sure to choose experts like ours at Vinci Hair Clinic who understand the important differences between male- and female-pattern baldness.

At Vinci Hair Clinic, we want women experiencing hair loss to feel empowered by the options available to them to reverse their hair loss. The treatments available at our worldwide clinics, including hair transplant surgeries and scalp micropigmentations, can help any woman to begin her hair regrowth journey. Contact our experts at Vinci Hair Clinic today to set up a consultation and learn more.



Is the “Neglected Epidemic” of Women’s Hair Loss Caused by Birth Control?