vinci-hair-clinic-eyebrowWhile some women grow full luscious brows without a struggle, for other women it is an impossible challenge. Whether their eyebrows have become thin as a result of stress, age, illness or damage caused by depilation, the lack of hair can impact on their confidence and lead to feelings of embarrassment and anxiety. Many women even say that they won’t let other people see them unless they’ve first applied make-up to make their brows look thicker. Fortunately, medical and scientific advances are providing solutions for women whose eyebrows are thinner than they’d like them to be.

Research into a New Eyebrow Medicine

A press release from Rophe Farma in December 2017 may signal the arrival of the first medicinal remedy for eyebrow loss. The pharmaceutical company have developed a drug called RPHE-7193 which could help to restore eyebrow growth. Initial studies show that RPHE-7193 appears to stimulate hair growth when applied to the brows for between 4 and 6 weeks. Rophe Farma say that they are amazed by the results and plan to trial the medicine as an eyelash growth stimulant next.

While RPHE-7193 shows promising results for eyebrow regrowth, it will be sometime before the findings are confirmed, the medication approved and finally made available to the public. In the meantime, what solutions are available for women who are unhappy with their eyebrows?

Real Solutions for Your Eyebrow Worries

If you never go anywhere without your eyebrow pencil or are frustrated by your sparse eyebrow growth, there are effective treatments that can help. Global leaders in hair restoration, Vinci Hair Clinic, are experts in helping women with thinning eyebrows. They offer eyebrow hair transplants to rebuild your the contour and fullness of your eyebrows.

Eyebrow hair transplant surgery has been developed from hair transplant techniques. It involves moving donor hair grafts from the patient’s head to the eyebrow area. A great deal of surgical and artistic skill is needed to ensure that the hair grafts are positioned correctly to result in a totally natural look. After the surgery, Vinci’s experts say that it takes around 6 months to start seeing the results and that the brows are usually completed filled out within a year.

New Solutions for Thin Eyebrows