Asda Pharmacy recently asked men (aged between 18 and 65)  in Hampshire, UK about their experiences with hair loss. The results of the survey showed that despite 45% of men in the English county being concerned about hair loss, an astonishing 84% have yet to seek help with their condition.

The survey also revealed the emotional impact of hair loss on the men interviewed. A quarter of them said they felt self-conscious about the changes to their appearance and nearly a fifth felt that they looked unattractive. 10% of the subjects said that they were depressed by their balding and 18% mentioned that they had been teased by friends or family members. Finally, 25% admitted feeling less confident about dating, giving us a glimpse into how hair loss can have an impact on a sufferer’s daily life.

It is hard to say whether the survey results would be exactly the same if it was carried out in a different location or on a larger scale. However, with around 50% of men experiencing hair loss by age 50, it’s a fact that baldness is a worry for many.

It is surprising then, that so few men still choose not to seek help with their hair loss. In the past, there were very few hair restoration solutions for men. The treatments that were available were expensive and in many cases, the results left a lot to be desired. Today, there is no need to suffer in silence or accept these unwanted changes to your appearance. For those who are ready to fight back against balding, there are many treatment options.

The hair restoration experts Vinci Hair Clinic explain that male hair loss sufferers can now choose from medical, non-surgical and surgical hair restoration treatments. These vary from FDA-approved drugs such as finasteride, to scalp micro pigmentation or FUE/FUT hair transplants. Vinci’s experts remind men who are feeling the emotional impact of hair loss that they are not alone and help is available. They offer free, private hair loss consultations in their clinics around the world, allowing male hair loss sufferers to get a diagnosis of their condition and learn more about their options for hair restoration.

New Survey Reveals the Emotional Impact of Male Hair Loss