American hip-hop artist Tyga recently got caught in the cross-fire when Nikki Minaj started trading insults with ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels on Twitter. Tyga has never discussed his hair transplant before but responded by opening up when Nikki referred to him having the treatment.

The Drama on Twitter

In mid-August 2018, Nikki Minaj got into an argument with Safaree Samuels on the popular social media site, Twitter. The pair, who dated until 2014, have become notorious for their online battles, with each accusing the other of theft and cheating. The drama kicked off when Anaconda singer Minaj tweeted saying that she shouldn’t have paid for Safaree’s hair transplant and that it failed because “God don’t like ugly.” She followed that up with a tweet mentioning Tyga and saying that his hairline transplant worked, even though they went to the same doctor. Samuels responded by clarifying that his surgery, which cost around $12,000, was done by a different doctor to Tyga’s. When his name was mentioned, 28-year-old hip-hop artist Tyga replied confirming that Safaree was correct about them not using the same clinic for their surgeries.

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Nikki Minaj, Tyga and the Twitter Hair Transplant Drama