Are you annoyed at how your mates all seem to grow their facial hair at will? Do you wonder exactly how some guys seem to find it easy to take part in ‘beard competitions’ such as Movember? According to a recent article in The Mirror, a newspaper in the UK, more young men are forking out thousands of pounds to become a David Beckham lookalike—beard-wise that is.

So what to do if you just don’t have the facial hair to pull off a trendy, disheveled Ben Affleck look? Should you just pretend that you aren’t bothered about missing the “fuzzy beard” trend or is there something you can do about it? Until recently, beard transplants were unheard of. Between 2012 and 2014, there was a 2 percent increase in beard transplants as an overall part of all hair transplant procedures. As the technique gains popularity, what exactly do you need to know before getting one? Where does the hair come from and what results can you expect?

The beard transplant procedure

So what’s involved in a beard transplant and where does the hair come from? Your surgeon will take a strip of hair from the back of the scalp. The hairs are then carefully extracted and transplanted onto your beard or sideburns. Whether you’ve got a patchy beard or you’d like a fuller, sculptured beard, all this is possible with a beard transplant.

Keeping up with facial hair trends

Just like fashion for both men and women, beard trends will come and go. The great thing about a facial hair transplant is that once it’s done, the hair will continue to grow naturally. So, if the beard trends shift from the shaggy lumberjack look to something more crafted, you will have the flexibility to adapt easily.


The future of beard transplants

Facial hair transplants are catching on, fuelled by celebrity culture and pressure on the modern man to portray an image of self-confidence. Looking sharp and well-groomed is one way of dealing with these pressures. Facial hair plays a big role because every man wants to look the part. Vinci Hair Clinic has performed hundreds of beard transplants and are experts in this field. To find out more about the procedure and to arrange a free consultation, visit Vinci Hair Clinic today.

No Beard? No Problem