These words spoken by the man famous for being George Best’s son ring true for most men around the globe. Baldness is a curse no man would wish upon their worst enemy. Calum Best knows a thing or two about losing your hair because he’s been dealing with the condition since he was twenty-one years old.

Now thirty-three and on his third hair transplant, he has never stopped looking for a near permanent solution to his hair loss. A celebrity in his own right (he starred in the reality TV show Celebrity Big Brother), looking and feeling good about yourself comes with the territory when you’re famous.

Why three hair transplants?

Motivated by a desire to regain the looks of his teenage years, Calum opted for hair transplant surgery to correct nature’s mistake. He says, “Hair transplant technology has improved so much in the last five years and I have been able to keep hold of all my hair and wear it in the same way as I did when I was in my teens.”

The problem Calum has faced since his first hair transplant procedure is that he keeps losing his hair. Often, having a hair transplant before the hair loss has taken root may have a negative impact, as Calum soon find out. His hair loss continued even after his first transplant, a risk among many men who opt for transplant surgery at an age where the condition is still progressing. The result? An unnatural appearance because the transplanted hair remains viable, while the hair around it is lost.

To quickly regain his lost look, Calum opted for a second transplant, which again, provided temporary respite. Despite the associated costs of the surgery, Calum finds the outcome worth every penny he has spent.

Slowing down hair loss

Taking the drug Propecia has been proven to slow down the progression of hair loss. Many transplant specialists will recommend the drug together with a transplant if there is a risk you could still experience further hair loss after the transplant.

The impact on self-esteem and confidence as explained by Calum Best is amazing. He remarks, “A simple procedure such as a hair transplant can make an enormous difference to a man’s life.”

If you’re suffering from hair loss and considering a transplant, you’re not alone. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we offer expert advice and our experienced staff will talk you through all the options we have available. See our treatment pages for more information.



No man wants to be bald!