Wayne Rooney, the Manchester United and former England national football team captain, is not known as a fashion icon. For those women, not into football, they probably would not give him a glance.

Tabloid news

The football star started losing his hair early in his career and underwent a hair transplant, which made tabloid headlines and Louise V. Smith commented in the Huffington Post, “God help me, I wanted one. So, was this new treatment a men-only thing?” Louise asked.

Unknown world

It is not that common to find a woman who has undergone a hair transplant. As a symbol of their femininity many and besides their hair dresser prefer not to have their hair played with. Furthermore, as female hair loss is less common the world of hair transplants is harder to research, and possibly wary of the potential side effects or ultimately how natural the result will be.

Female pattern baldness

There are women however that do not wish to live with thinning hair or hair loss and look to find a suitable solution, this includes a hair transplant. According to latest statistics this includes six million female Britons, who suffer from a hair loss condition known as female pattern baldness.

Hairstyle disguises

Faced with thinning hair, female pattern baldness sufferers turn to online searches and due to the often desperation to find a cure can lead to supposed hair loss experts for consultations. Initially, it´s common that temporary masking solutions are tried such as wigs or a change in hair style to disguise their hair loss.

Female hair transplant

It is only after a medical professional has made a consultation assessment to the cause of female hair loss that a hair transplant can be considered a viable option. Upon arranging the required fee and form-filling the date for the hair transplant procedure is confirmed. The procedure involves the removal of hair follicles from around the sides and back of the head, the donor area, then carefully placed over the areas of hair loss, the recipient area. A hair transplant is a minor surgical procedure, performed under local anaesthesia.


No overnight stay is required and the patient can go home the same day. Care must be taken in the first week or two after the hair transplant to keep the area clean with only gentle touches applied when shampooing. Over the following twelve months the new hair will grow and mature resulting for many women in a newly restored self-confidence, regaining their crowning glory.

If you are losing or have lost your hair, you can consult a reputable hair restoration provider such as Vinci Hair Clinic for professional advice and the options available to you, including a hair transplant.


It’s not common to find a woman who has undergone a hair transplant