There are lots of great barbers out there, but they usually attract customers, not crowds. One barber in India has upped his game, turning haircuts into a sort of performance art that attracts crowds of men to witness his unusual technique. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we’re fascinated by the different ways that people around the world find to style and treat their hair. This latest innovation coming out of India has been an odd one––according to the DailyMail[i], the barber uses fire to cut and style his clients’ hair!

This barber isn’t the first Indian to use fire as a means of hair styling. In Karnataka Province, Dasharath of Raj Men’s Parlour has been using candles to cut hair for the past six years. He discovered this unusual style of cutting men’s hair one day when the electricity went out. Forced to use candles to light his parlor, Dasharath suddenly had the idea of using candle flames to cut hair. And the idea worked! Now, another Indian barber has taken that technique one step further.

The barber reported by DailyMail doesn’t just use a candle to cut hair––he pours a flammable powder and liquid over his customer’s head and then holds a lighter up against the locks, which then catch on fire.

While the customer’s head burns, the barber uses two combs to style the hair into shape while the flames keep burning. After the flames burn out, the barber continues cutting until he’s satisfied that he’s provided the best look possible for his client. If you think the idea is unbelievable, visit DailyMail to check out videos taken of the barber’s technique by the men who crowd into the salon to watch his strange technique.

At Vinci Hair Clinic, we don’t recommend you try fire as a hair cutting technique at home. This odd technique is best left to the professionals.




One Indian Barber Uses FIRE to Cut Hair!