One Young Australian Girl is Lobbying to Make a Difference for Victims of Hair Loss in Her Community

According to Melbourne, Australia’s Herald Sun[i], thirteen-year-old Stella Hammet is fighting to make a difference for Australians who suffer from hair loss. Stella’s own journey began at the young age of four when an autoimmune disease caused her hair to begin falling out. By the time she turned seven, Stella had lost her entire head of hair. Her mother told the Sun that the process was “heartbreaking to watch.” At Vinci Hair Clinic, we’ve witnessed many families go through similar processes, and we admire the fortitude and smile that Stella has maintained throughout her journey. In fact, Stella hasn’t just been a positive influence on her family; she is also lobbying to make her community a better place for others experiencing the difficulties of hair loss.

For many like Stella, the uncomfortable stares of passersby are an awkward experience. Wearing wigs, however, can be a positive, confidence-boosting choice. Unfortunately, wigs can cost anywhere from $3,000–$6,000 and usually only last for about two years. For low-income families, this practical step towards a better life is quite cost prohibitive. For expensive items like wigs, sales tax alone can add a considerable amount to the price tag. To help those in her community who can’t afford wigs, Stella has been lobbying the Australian government to remove the sales tax on this important consumer item.

We hope that Stella’s efforts are successful. In an interview with the Herald Sun, Alopecia Areata Foundation president Chell Campbell described how difficult hair loss is for patients like Stella: “Throughout history,” she said, “there has been a huge stigma associated with hair loss and baldness. It’s not uncommon for people with alopecia areata to experience depression, anxiety, and social phobias.” At Vinci Hair Clinic, we are dedicated to helping alopecia areata patients and anyone else experiencing the difficulties of hair loss to recover their hairlines, their confidence, and their identity. If you are experiencing hair loss and don’t want to repeatedly buy wigs to cover it up, contact our specialists at Vinci Hair Clinic today. You can consult with us to see if you qualify for hair transplant surgery, the most effective treatment for hair loss available in the world today.



One Young Australian Girl is Lobbying to Make a Difference