If you’re like most of our clients at Vinci Hair Clinic, you’re worried about your hair loss, looking for solutions, and likely overwhelmed by the number of shampoos, conditioners, vitamins, supplements, gels, oils, and serums available that claim to reverse hair loss. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we help clients around the world navigate the puzzling range of options and find permanent solutions for their thinning or balding hair.

According to a recent medGadget article, the number of people suffering from alopecia worldwide is increasing. As global income continues to rise, this will mean that the demand for hair loss solutions will continue to produce a confusing array of products that claim to reverse hair loss. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we encourage our clients to practice restraint when examining these options. The most important actions you can take for the health of your hair are the same age-old truisms for maintaining general health: exercise, nutrition, and prioritizing a full night’s sleep. After that, make sure that any products you want to try are FDA approved and vetted by qualified experts.

Many popular products that claim to reverse hair loss, even those that are FDA approved, can cause unwanted side effects. According to medGadget, many of these products can cause decreased libido, high blood pressure, increased heart rate, and even erectile dysfunction. Before using any hair loss products, be sure to thoroughly research their side effects. For the most part, these products can rarely restore your hair completely, so it’s important to contemplate whether patchy results are worth the potential side effects you might endure.

At Vinci Hair Clinic, we’ve done our research on hair loss solutions. We know that drugs, shampoos, and serums are rarely effective, long-term solutions for hair loss; instead, the most effective method for reversing hair loss is undergoing hair transplant surgery. We employ the world’s most skilled hair transplant surgeons to make hair regrowth a possibility for clients around the world. If you’re looking for solutions to your unwanted hair loss, contact one of our specialists today to learn more about the treatments available to you. Remember, if you don’t qualify for hair transplant surgery, there are still options, and we’d love to teach you all about them.



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