vincihairpermanentsolutiontobaldingThese days, it seems like hair loss remedies are available wherever you go. Supermarket hair-care aisle shelves are filled with shampoos, serums and conditioners that promise to boost your locks. Magazine articles offer advice on how to stop your hair falling out, and interviews with celebrities who have had hair transplants. You can even find hair restoration clinics in many major cities throughout the world.

With so many products and services aimed at those suffering from hair loss, we have to ask the question – are more people suffering from hair loss than ever before? Vinci Hair Clinic, international specialists and pioneers in hair restoration, say that the answer is no. Though the numbers of men and women seeking treatment are increasing with every year that passes, Vinci’s consultants explain that this is due to a change in attitudes to hair loss.

In the past, going bald carried a stigma of shame and the solutions that were available for hair loss sufferers were severely limited. Many people hid their hair loss under a hair-piece, wig or hat, rather than seeking professional help. Meanwhile, those who were courageous enough to take action had few options. Unfortunately, more than a few of them experienced low-quality hair restoration from inexperienced practitioners.

Vinci Hair Clinic Free ConsultationsVinci Hair Clinic’s experts explain that wider availability of information about hair loss and hair restoration treatments is a key factor in these changing attitudes. It is easy for hair loss sufferers to connect through internet forums and blogs, to find others with the same concerns and realise they are not alone. There is also an abundance of information about the surgical and non-surgical solutions for baldness, allowing men and women to learn about their options.

The variety of treatment options in itself also plays a role in the growing numbers of people looking for treatment. Vinci Hair Clinic offers medical, surgical and non-surgical hair restoration, allowing clients to find a treatment that suits their individual needs.

As hair loss sufferers continue to become better informed about their options, and treatments continue to advance, Vinci Hair Clinic forecasts that demand for treatment will continue to grow.

Are More People Suffering from Hair Loss?