At Vinci Hair Clinic, we believe that women who experience baldness are often treated unfairly. When a man begins losing his hair to pattern baldness, the experience can be profoundly frustrating––but the truth is, people tend to think it’s more normal for men to be bald or have thinning hair than it is for women. For our female patients, there’s an added level of shame and anxiety that many men don’t experience. So why are women given a harder time about baldness than men? The reasons are historical.

Our modern world of medicine is actually quite new. For most of human history, people understood their bodies and the changes they made much less. This ignorance started to change two-and-a-half thousand years ago in Ancient Greece when a man named Hippocrates of Kos started paying close attention to illnesses, health, and the body and writing down everything he learned. After he died, famous Greek thinkers, like Aristotle, continued what he started, correcting errors Hippocrates had made and adding new information.

Now the thing about both Hippocrates and Aristotle is that they were both men. As such, they tended to unfairly pay more attention to issues that concern men. Because of that, Aristotle wrote that baldness did not occur among women, ushering in centuries of cultural shame for women who experienced something that wasn’t supposed to happen to them. Our modern medicine started to slowly develop about five hundred years ago––but most of the practitioners were still men. It wasn’t until pioneering women of the nineteenth and twentieth century entered the fields of medicine and science that this imbalance was righted.

By the mid-twentieth century, scientists had already surmised that male pattern baldness was a genetic condition. In the 1950s and 1960s, scientists began to consider whether or not baldness among women was also inherited. Even though they discovered that women are susceptible to the same genetic patterns that cause baldness in men, our culture hasn’t quite caught up.

At Vinci Hair Clinic, we want our female patients to know that they’re not alone, and that it’s actually quite normal for women to experience balding. Instead of feeling ashamed, you can feel empowered by the treatment options available for you at Vinci Hair Clinic.




Why Are People Surprised When Women Start Balding?