Nercrosis from a poorly performed hair transplant

A hair transplant can be a positive life changing experiences, rebuilding lost confidence and self-esteem, but when performed to sub-par standard the very opposite can be the result. In the wrong hands, hair transplant surgeries can permanently alter your appearance, increase your chances of infection, and leave unsightly scars.

The attraction of a low cost hair transplant can be appealing, but does it come with a higher risk factor? Although country economics will vary the cost of a hair transplant it is a surgical procedure that demands the highest level of skill. The risk of low cost hair transplants is the use of inexperienced or poorly trained staff to keep the costs down, allowing the Clinic to perform multiple operations in the same day.

The low cost practice is not isolated to any specific country, either due to outdated, lack of health and safety guidelines or correct regulations these low cost businesses are allowed to practice surgical procedures in poor medical facilities with low cost and inexperienced staff.

Research where you have your hair transplant surgery before agreeing to it

A long time hair loss blogger and multiple hair transplant patient visited Turkey undercover to see for himself how a low cost hair transplant Clinic operates. Turkey is reported to have more hair transplant Clinics than all the other European countries combined. His video documentary posted on YouTube reported that one Clinic he visited had one Doctor overseeing 10 surgeries per day. The documentary demonstrated that the importance was on the number of hair transplants performed per day rather than the quality of the work being performed.

Donor Area Damage due to Excessively large hair transplant
Two examples of donor area damage due to an excessively large hair transplant

Finding a credible and highly experienced hair transplant Clinic can be time consuming. With the internet allowing companies to portray any image they wish and with medical tourism on the rise year on year the consumer is more willing to travel, especially with the offer of cheap deals in potentially less regulated countries.

Vinci Hair Clinic are an international provider of hair loss and hair restoration techniques, a Consultant at our Harley Street, London Clinic commented on poor and low cost hair transplant practices.

“Research carefully before making any decision. Ask for the qualification of the Medical Team and how many operations are performed daily. Always put your well-being and result as the priority rather than the cost as poor results can have a devastating effect on your life.”

“We recently consulted a hair transplant candidate who was quoted £1400.00 for over 4000 grafts from an unknown Clinic, both the number of grafts and such a low cost should have sent red flags to the individual, but the price won the day, we wish him well but worry greatly for his well-being. This worrying trend is nothing to do with achieving the best result for the patient”.

In an Emerati report, dated 2nd October 2015, according to Ergin Hava as many as six out of every ten hair surgery clinics in Istanbul operate illegally. Hava’s report quotes licensed Turkish health practitioner Gülten Ünveren, who revealed that these clinics operate by employing “inexperienced medical students, and sometimes even drivers or cleaners.” According to Ergin Hava, these clinics often ask patients to bring pictures of their favorite celebrities, promising to give clients the same hair as the pictures. In reality, every head of hair is different, and while it’s possible for licensed experts to dramatically improve someone’s looks, it is a personal procedure that needs personal advice.

A hair transplant requires two skill sets, medical expertise and an innate artistic understanding of facial bone structure. Understanding aspects such as hair line design, hair density will result in a successful hair transplant result. The Harley Street Consultant added “Good donor management will plan for future hair loss, whereas poor planning can leave unsightly and visible damage to the area, making future hair transplant procedures impossible”.

Regardless of country or convincing marketing always research thoroughly before committing to a hair transplant or any medical procedure. With medical tourism rising the adage “if it seems too good to be true then it probably is” should be used as a yardstick during your research to help guide you to qualified, regulated providers of surgical hair restoration.


Poor Clinical Practices Can Ruin People’s Lives