Post Op Kit and Products

On average, hair transplant results take around 12 months to fully grow in, although the initial results are visible much earlier on. It is natural for patients to be eager to see their results as quickly as possible and to get the best results they can.

By setting the highest standards in our surgeries, Vinci Hair Clinics achieve fantastic results but it is important to bear in mind that good post op care is also essential. No matter how good a hair transplant surgery is, if the proper post op care procedures are not followed it can delay or, in the worst cases, limit the final result.

Vinci Hair Clinic’s top dermatological and surgical experts have developed our Post Op Kit based on tens of thousands of hair transplant cases and decades of experience. We piloted the Post Op Kit in our Brazilian clinics, with a trial taking place over 24 months with over 324 participants. The results were astonishing with clients experiencing much faster growth than we have ever seen before. Hair transplant clients attending for their 3-month check-up had notably better results than those who did not use the Post Op Kit. At the 6-month check-up, many had already achieved over 90% of their final result.

Vinci Hair Clinic Post Op Care Kit contains

  1. Post Op Shampoo – Vinci Hair Clinic Post Op Shampoo contains D-Panthenol to promote healing and scalp hydration, ketaconazole and biotin to stimulate hair growth. It gently cleanses the hair and scalp while aiding the healing process.
  2. Post Op Spray – Vinci Hair Clinic Post Op Spray contains thermal water for scalp hydration and to minimize flaking/scabbing in the treated area. It helps to keep the area clean and moist and can be kept in the refrigerator for a cooling, soothing sensation on application.
  3. Hair Recovery Foam – Vinci Hair Clinic Hair Recovery Foam contains baicapil, minoxidil, copper peptides and growth factors in precise proportions to stimulate hair growth and reduce the likelihood of shock loss following surgery. It also contains ketaconazole to further promote scalp health.
  4. Healing Oil – Vinci Hair Clinic Healing Oil contains Vitamins A and E to support healing, panthenol to nourish the scalp and almond oil to keep the scalp soft. It helps to keep the scalp moist and reduce post-surgical scabbing.
  5. Vitruvian Line Supplement Formula – Vinci Hair Clinic Vitruvian Line Supplement Formula contains a blend of vitamins, minerals and plant extracts to support healthy hair growth. The nutrient-rich capsules help to enhance healing, hair regrowth and overall condition while boosting the overall results of the hair transplant surgery.
  6. Comfort Pillow – The Comfort Pillow is designed to ensure improved comfort in the initial days after surgery (and for as long as needed) by slightly elevating the head to prevent irritation in the donor area.
  7. Ice Pack – The ice pack is designed to be applied to the forehead to prevent and minimise swelling after the procedure. Reducing inflammation helps to support the healing process and allows a quicker return to usual daily activities.

The post op kit is optional and available exclusively from our surgical centres. Contact your nearest Vinci Hair Clinic for more information.