Despite being experienced by around 50% of women after having a baby, postpartum hair loss is a condition that is not widely talked about. Here, we give you the facts about why postpartum hair loss occurs and get expert advice on how it can be treated from Vinci Hair Clinic.

What causes postpartum alopecia? 

During pregnancy, many women find that their hair grows longer and thicker than ever before. This is because of hormonal actions that keep hair in the growing (anagen) phase. After giving birth, further hormonal changes occur. Unfortunately, these push the hair into the shedding (telogen) phase, which makes it fall out.

How long does postnatal hair loss last?

Postpartum shedding can last from anything from a few months to a year. It may take even longer to grow new hair, unless hair restoration treatments are used.

Which treatments are recommended for postpartum hair loss?

Vinci Hair Clinic suggest a three-pronged approach to treating postnatal hair loss. The first step is the Vinci LLLT Laser Cap, which uses laser light to stimulate hair growth. It is fully portable and can be used while doing tasks or relaxing at home.

Along with the laser cap, taking the Vinci Vitruvian Line dietary supplement will support healthy hair growth. The “one a day” vitamin and mineral combination is a convenient way to give the body all the nutrients it needs.

The third step is a program of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy. This treatment uses growth-factor rich platelets, which are extracted from the patient’s own blood. The PRP solution is injected into the scalp and can stimulate hair growth. Usual recommendations are for one PRP treatment monthly for three to four months, with further treatments every three to six months as needed.

Using these treatments in combination is a safe way for women to recuperate hair lost to postpartum alopecia, as quickly as possible.

If you are worried about postpartum hair loss and would like to know more about how it can be treated, contact Vinci Hair Clinic. Their experienced and friendly team can help you to decide which treatments are suitable for you and guide you through every step of your journey to hair restoration.

Postpartum Hair Loss & Hair to Treat It