Taking vitamins and minerals is a great way to keep your hair feeling and looking healthy. But, if you restrict your supplements to the usual nutrients you could be missing out. We look at five plant-based supplements to discover how they can help you to fight back against baldness and grow a healthier head of hair.

Green Tea

Green tea is much more than a refreshing beverage. When taken as a supplement it can aid in preventing hair loss and reducing stress. Extracts of green tea leaf are exceptionally high in antioxidants which help to fight the effects of age. Green tea supplements also work to block the effects of DHT, a hormone which causes androgenetic alopecia.

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is extracted from the fruit of a small palm tree: It has long been recognised for its medicinal qualities and was used by the Mayan people as a healing tonic. Research into saw palmetto fruit extract have found it to be a powerful tool in stopping and preventing hair loss. It helps to inhibit the effects of the enzyme 5-AR, which is used in the production of DHT.

Gingko Biloba

Also called the maidenhair tree, gingko biloba is an ancient species. Extracts from its leaves are said to have a wide range of therapeutic properties including helping with memory problems and anxiety. Taking a gingko biloba supplement can improve your hair by stimulating blood circulation to the scalp, ensuring that the hair follicles receive a proper supply of nutrients.

Get Healthier Hair with the Vitruvian Line Supplement

If you would like to see the benefits of these natural supplements on your hair, why not try Vinci Clinic’s Vitruvian Line. Along with green tea, saw palmetto and gingko biloba, the nutritional complex also contains grape seed and pygeum africanum bark extract, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Each ingredient has been selected especially to provide your body with everything it needs to produce healthy, strong hair as well as blocking the effects of DHT. By combining all of these nutrients and natural extracts, Vinci’s experts have created an easy way to optimise your hair health by taking a single capsule each day.

Prevent Baldness With These Natural Supplements