Woman Hair Transplant

Eyebrow Transplant

At Vinci Hair Clinic we offer a solution to eyebrow hair loss by taking your genetically strong hair which is usually on the back and sides of your scalp which are then deposited onto your eyebrow region. This can include reshaping, improving the density to your existing hair or to completely rebuild your eyebrows.

The Eyebrow Hair Transplant can also:

- Reshape and re-sculpt your eyebrow
- Restore hair from excessive plucking and waxing
- Replace hair loss due to genetic disorders

Our medical hair restoration team are specialists in the Eyebrow Hair Transplant procedure and by following the natural orientation and angles of your native hair, we then recreate flawless looking eyebrows. The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic and will take approximately 3 - 4 hours which can be performed by either the FUE or FUT method.

Tests and Consulting

We offer face to face consultations where we can discuss your individual requirements. We will need to assess your hair characteristics to ensure you are a suitable candidate for an Eyebrow Hair Transplant.

A personalised treatment programme will be tailored for each individual along with payment and finance options.


A small FUE is usually performed when having the Eyebrow Hair Transplant which will be carried out all in one day. Due to the extraction method no stitches or sutures are required and no linear scar is left.

This procedure is extremely popular for those who wish to re-sculpt their existing shape, or to restore their eyebrows due to excessive plucking.


Results are permanent and our medical team will follow the natural orientation and angles to recreate your eyebrows that will grow for a lifetime.

After 3 months post surgery start watching your new hairs come through.
  • Before-Female Eyebrow Transplant
    After-Female Eyebrow Transplant
    Before Female Eyebrow Transplant After

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