Mens Hair Transplant

Eyelash Transplants

Eyelash Hair Transplants are one of the most delicate, complex cosmetic procedures available in which we are proud to be one of the minority of clinics that offer this procedure to our patients.

There are many reasons to why you can loose your eyelashes. Genetics, excessive plucking and stress can all play a role and as a result can visually change your appearance and effect your self-confidence.

The procedure is carried out like any other hair transplant. You will be under local anaesthetic and the procedure will take approximately 3 - 4 hours which can be performed by either the FUE or FUT method. The donor hair is selected according to each individual case which is usually from your head, however body hair can also be used.

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Tests and Consulting

We offer face to face consultations where we can discuss your individual requirements. We will need to assess your hair characteristics to ensure you are a suitable candidate for an Eyelash Hair Transplant.

A personalised treatment programme will be tailored for each individual along with payment and finance options.


A small FUE is usually performed when having the Eyelash Hair Transplant which will be carried out in one day. Due to the extraction method no stitches or sutures are required and no linear scar is left.

Results represent a massive improvement for patients who have little to no lashes of their own.


Results are permanent and our medical team will follow the natural orientation and angles to recreate your eyelashes that will grow for a lifetime.

After 3 months post surgery start watching your new hairs come through.

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