Micro Scalp Pigmentation

How Realistic Is MSP?

How realistic your Micro Scalp Pigmentation (MSP) can be will depend on many factors. The art is to replicate the look of a very short or shaved head of hair which is achieved by depositing medical grade pigment under the outer layer of the skin. At Vinci Hair Clinic we take pride in every treatment performed, regardless of your stage of hair loss.

For those with achievable realistic goals, the MSP can also help patients who are either not suitable for a hair transplant or patients suffering from thinning or diffused hair loss. This will allow you to increase the illusion of density between your native hairs, giving you a final result of a much fuller looking head of hair.

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If keeping your hair short, the design of your hairline is arguably the most important artistic area of the treatment.  As MSP does not rely on a finite donor supply, in theory, any design could be made, however, care should be taken into account by not creating a low or aggressive hairline. As tempting as it may be, a slight recession can frame your face extremely well and still look perfectly natural as you age. Our experienced team of MSP technicians are here to help and by taking into account your bone structure and facial features, we will design the best look by perfectly framing your face.

You can upload your photo to our online MSP simulation app and see for yourself how different each hairline would look on you.

With any cosmetic procedure, there can sometimes be a compromise. When it comes to MSP, it’s to maintain a very short or shaved hair cut with your native hair to ensure you keep a seamless blend.  Whilst your hair grows, the MSP remains the same and the longer your hair grows the more it will detract from the natural result when shaved.

Tests and Consulting

We offer face to face consultations where we can discuss your individual requirements. A personalised treatment programme will be offered along with a realistic simulation so you can see for yourself how the Micro Scalp Pigmentation could look for you.

We carry out small patch tests for those who have known allergies to hair dyes and inks.


Specialist equipment and needles are used to perform the Micro Scalp Pigmentation and are far more superior to traditional tattooing. With a vast range of different ink tones, we are able to match your natural hair colouring making a seamless blend with your native hair

Layers of pigment are built up generally over three sessions, with a small interval between each session to allow the scalp to settle.


With years of experience in surgical hair restoration and other forms of hair loss treatments, it gives us an edge understanding facial variants and bone structure, creating natural hair lines that frame the face to give back that youthful appearance.

Results are instant so you can embrace your new look immediately after the first session with no down time for recovery.
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