Micro Scalp Pigmentation

Micro Scalp Pigmentation For Hair Transplant Scars

As with any surgical procedure, scarring can be inevitable and having a hair transplant is no different. Scarring can become more obvious and unsightly due to a poorly performed operation and poor healing. This can occur in both the recipient and donor area which becomes more obvious when the hair is kept shorter, hindering styling options.

Micro Scalp Pigmentation (MSP) is an effective treatment which helps conceal scarring. Medical grade pigment is deposited into the scar tissue and blended around your surrounding hair.

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The Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) hair transplant technique creates a linear scar around the sides and back of the scalp. If the incision has been closed properly by an experienced surgeon along with good healing, then it can leave a fine line hidden within your surrounding hair. A poor closure or healing can result in the incision stretching and the scar widening. MSP can reduce the appearance of any scar and can be used even if the scar has healed well. This will allow you to get away with shorter hairstyles whilst the scar remains camouflaged.

The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) requires each follicular unit to be removed one by one using a small cylindrical punch. The punch can leave small white circular scarring around the donor area and in some cases leave a pebble dash effect around the scalp. This can become visibly obvious when the hair is kept short.

Older punching techniques such as punch grafting used a much larger punch resulting in large round circular scarring. The scarring is extremely obvious and much harder to cover unless your hair is kept at a decent length.

Tests and Consulting

We offer face to face consultations where we can discuss your individual requirements. A personalised treatment programme will be offered along with a realistic simulation so you can see for yourself how the Micro Scalp Pigmentation could look for you.

We carry out small patch tests for those who have known allergies to hair dyes and inks.


Micro Scalp Pigmentation will add a pigment tone into the scar tissue, breaking down the visual look and in some cases camouflaging the scarring to the point they are no longer visible. The process can take a number of sessions to build the tone up to the level where it will effectively camouflage your scar.

Depending on the size of the scar, you are not always required to shave your hair to take advantage of the results.


To maintain a flawless, natural look after completing treatment, try to keep the same length in hair to which you had whilst undergoing treatment. This will ensure you will get the perfect colour match at all times.

You will only receive the best quality here at Vinci, but to give you peace of mind our MSP treatment includes a 5-year guaranteed!
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