Mens Hair Transplant

Vinci Follicular Unit Extraction FUE

Vinci FUE utilises the latest medical techniques to achieve refined results. From the harvesting of individual follicular units, to the placement of the hair in the recipient area. Over time the newly placed hair will grow and look perfectly natural. The FUE is a minimally invasive procedure leaving very little signs that a surgical treatment has been performed. This will allow you to keep your hair short even after the healing process.

The FUE is performed under local anaesthetic with little discomfort, even when large sessions are performed. There will be no need for stitches and recovery time is fast, allowing you to resume to your normal lifestyle with little inconvenience.

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Tests and Consulting

We offer face to face consultations where we can discuss your individual requirements. Under a microscope we will evaluate and measure your donor area to ensure you are a suitable candidate for a Hair Transplant.

A personalised treatment programme will be tailored for each individual along with payment and finance options.


FUE is performed under local anaesthetic and is generally carried out in just one day. Due to the extraction method, no stitches or sutures are required and no linear scar is left, allowing you to keep a short or near shaved hair style.

We shave your hair around the sides and back to remove the hair and use a micro tool to punch each group of hairs one by one.


With years of experience in surgical hair restoration and other forms of hair loss treatments, it gives us an edge understanding facial variants and bone structure, creating natural hair lines that frame the face to give back that youthful appearance.

Natural results are achieved with the latest advanced surgical methods available. After 3 months post surgery start watching your new hairs come through.
  • Before-Follicular Unit Extraction
    After-Follicular Unit Extraction
    Before Follicular Unit Extraction After

Frequently Asked Questions

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