A recent study of 50,000 American men uncovered hair loss as being one of the most feared signs of the ageing process. What is it that makes a balding head into a more depressing prospect than even wrinkles or middle-age spread?

Cultural Perceptions of Baldness

In numerous cultures around the world, a full head of hair is considered a sign of virility and youth. Just think of the stereotypical romance novel hero for a perfect example. Whether the book is retro or modern, it’s virtually guaranteed that he’ll be a handsome bloke who has a thick, lavish mane of hair and exudes an alluring charisma. It is difficult to untangle where the association of hair with masculine sexual energy began, but one thing is for certain, these beliefs have a significant impact on men with hair loss.

Psychological Effects on Hair Loss Sufferers

Hair loss can be an extremely distressing experience for a man, and have a huge impact on how he feels about himself and how he lives his life. He may feel ashamed or embarrassed, and try to hide the problem. This might mean spending a fortune on wigs and thickening potions, wearing a hat at all times, or even avoiding social situations. He might feel angry, resentful or upset, but not comfortable talking about his worries, pushing loved ones away. Even men who were previously very outgoing and confident may become withdrawn and lacking in self-esteem. 

FUT-banner-for-InstagramThe Positive Impact of Hair Restoration Treatments

Though it can feel challenging for a balding man to seek help with his hair loss, there is no reason to suffer in silence. Vinci Hair Clinic explain that there are medicinal, surgical and non-surgical options available, depending on the individual’s personal goals and condition. The results that can be achieved are exceptionally natural, helping hair loss sufferers to feel good about their appearance again. In fact, many of their client’s describe their hair restoration treatments as life-changing and say they wish they’d had it done earlier!

If  you are struggling with the impact of hair loss on your confidence, it is time to get professional help. Vinci Hair Clinic offers free, private consultations at their clinics around the world and will guide you through your treatment options.

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The Psychological Effects of Hair Loss & Hair Restoration