Vinci Hair Clinic’s Micro Scalp Pigmentation (MSP) is an innovative treatment that is allowing men and women to beat hair loss and feel good about their appearance again. Read on to learn how MSP works and much more.

The Basics of MSP

Vinci’s experts developed MSP to provide their clients with a non-surgical hair restoration solution. The technique involves the application of medical-grade pigments to the scalp to simulate the appearance of hair growth. For those who want the look of a buzz-cut hairstyle, a dotting method is used to imitate shaved hair growth. To create an effect of enhanced density for people with longer hair, the focus of the treatment is to reduce the contrast between the hair and the scalp. MSP can also be used to disguise scarring on the scalp, whether caused by surgery or an accident.

The Artistry of MSP

Vinci’s MSP produces phenomenal results that look completely natural, even on close inspection.

The secret to their success is a combination of technical skill and artistic ability. Vinci’s technicians are trained by the world’s leading MSP experts and have a deep understanding of aesthetics. They are passionate about their work and take pride in helping clients to achieve their hair restoration goals. Another important aspect is Vinci’s highly individualised approach to treatment. The MSP design will take into account the client’s facial characteristics, as well as their skin and hair colour, to ensure that the effect is perfectly flattering. This exceptional care and attention to detail is the reason why Vinci MSP is usually performed over three sessions. Taking the time between sessions allows the technicians to observe how well the skin accepts the pigment, which varies between individuals. Gradually building up the tone ensures that the result is very subtle rather than a heavy layer of colour.

Is MSP Right for You?

With MSP, Vinci offers a practical and highly-effective solution for a variety of hair loss concerns. The best way to determine if this is the right treatment for your needs is to attend a free consultation with the Vinci team. It is an unmissable opportunity to discuss your worries with an expert and get personalised advice about your options for hair restoration.

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