Rumor Has It Rafael Nadal Is Undergoing Hair Loss Treatment

Many fans have noticed that the famous Spanish tennis player Raphael Nadal recently shaved his head, and speculation is mounting that he’s undergoing treatment for the bald spots he has been suffering from for years. Recent online[i] pictures of Raphael show a shaved head covered by a hat— a telltale sign of a hair transplant procedure. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we’re experts at recognizing the signs of hair transplant procedures, and we agree that the tennis player is likely undergoing some sort of treatment.



Hair transplant procedures are the most reliable way to promote hair regrowth. Depending on the type of hair loss and how advanced it is, they often require multiple treatments. For famous celebrities like Nadal, the best way to hide their procedure is by completely shaving their head and wearing a hat to cover up the recent transplant. Hair transplants are a relatively simple procedure that require surgically removing hair follicles from one region of the head, the “donor area,” and implanting them in the balding, “recipient” regions.

Hair transplants take time to heal––but it’s usually no longer than a few months before the hair starts to regrow at a normal rate. Oftentimes, people can be confused when their hair falls out after a hair transplant. This is a normal part of the procedure, and it doesn’t last long. For people interested in whether or not Nadal has had a hair transplant, pay attention to when he stops wearing a hat. If pictures start appearing of him with no hat and no bald spots, then we can be certain that the famous Spanish tennis player has, in fact, undergone a hair transplant procedure.

If you, like Nadal, are experiencing annoying bald spots and want to recover your identity by spurring quick hair regrowth, then contact our specialists at Vinci Hair Clinic today for a consultation. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, not everyone qualifies for a hair transplant procedure. If this is the case, then we advise you to investigate scalp Micropigmentation, an even simpler procedure that mimics the look of shorn hair. Micropigmentation procedures can also make thinning hair appear thicker! The only way to find out which option is best for you is by contacting our specialists today.



Raphael Nadal recently shaved his head