Did you know that the term “hair loss” is technically a misnomer? We’ve been trained to think of balding and thinning as happening because the hair is disappearing––almost like the hair is dying. But recent research from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine has found that this isn’t the case, and the implications could open up new roads for treating male and female pattern hair loss. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we’re dedicated to providing you with evidence-based knowledge about the causes of your hair loss and the solutions available. According to this new study, part of that is re-imagining what hair loss means.

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The team of researchers at UPenn wanted to know what the difference was between the scalps of balding men and men with full heads of hair at the cellular level. Were cells dying? Why was the hair not growing? After harvesting cell samples from men with various levels of hair, ranging from thick to completely bald, the scientists found something surprising. The scalps of the bald men had just as many stem cells that regulate hair growth as the men with full heads of hair. And what’s even more surprising, those cells were still functioning.

Nothing had died on the scalps of balding men, and despite our term for it, none of their hair had been really lost. Instead, something about the stem cell’s regulation of the hair had changed, and the hair had diminished in size until it was microscopic. For everyone who hopes for an eventual permanent solution to hair loss, this is great news. According to the lead researcher, “the fact that there are normal numbers of stem cells in the bald scalps gives us hope for reactivating those stem cells.” In a phone interview with Esquire.com, Professor Luis Garza of Johns Hopkins said these findings indicate that someday, men and women could be prescribed a simple cream or pill to reactivate these cells and cure their baldness.

At Vinci Hair Clinic, we hope men and women facing hair loss remain hopeful. Staying up-to-date on the latest research is only one way that we offer hope. Contact us today to discuss the numerous, effective therapies already available to reverse your “hair loss.”

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Researchers discover how male and female pattern baldness occurs