Hair loss may bother you, but before you can decide whether to tackle it you need to find out a few facts first. There are many causes to hair loss; genetic, systemic, medical, traction, chemical and more. Isolating the cause to hair loss is the first step to take; once this has been achieved the correct treatment programme can be identified.

Where do I find this information?

Sometimes it doesn’t appear simple to cut through the marketing and opposite opinions to get to the answers you’re looking for. Although it’s genuinely possibly for there to be more than one correct answer it can make it harder when researching.

Hair loss forums can be a start, but do not take on blind faith everything you read, and do not rely on others to find the answers out for you; make up your own mind. On these sites you can discuss with other hair loss sufferers, read real patient reviews, results posted by Clinics and educational articles designed to help in the research process.

Some hair loss causes can be treated medically, whether or not lost hair can be restored can depend on the severity and cause. Male pattern baldness is the most common form of hair loss, but even this can be triggered prior hair loss being apparent; the use of certain steroids, or medical some treatments are known to be triggers for hair loss and being able to reverse this is unlikely.


For some losing their hair can be traumatic, effecting self-esteem and even impacting socially; as emotive as it can be do not rush in to the first so called “remedy” you find; possibly it may be the correct treatment for you, but ensure you are in possession of all the facts before making any decisions.

Finding the right solution can be liberating if hair loss causes that much distress, from treatments to surgical and non-surgical procedures; making the right choice can have a positive impact on your life.

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