Trends for eyebrow styling come and go. In 2017 alone, we saw everything from the untamed bushy look, as sported by actress/model Cara Delevingne, to the less flattering wavy brow look. Trying out these different approaches to eyebrow grooming can be fun, but unfortunately, for many women, it is simply impossible.

Rita Khorramrooz was one such woman. Her long history of eyebrow worries started in her teens. Like many adolescents, she was keen to imitate the look of her favourite stars – in particular, the singer, Jennifer Lopez. When she started to process of plucking her brows into a high arch and shaving the tails off completely, she had no idea that there might be a long term impact on her appearance.

Within 5-6 years of starting her rigorous eyebrow grooming routine, Rita began to notice that her brow hairs were falling out. This left her with a patchy look, which she tried to disguise with eyebrow make-up. However, she found herself constantly worrying. Did it look natural? Was the make-up smudged? Rita began to avoid activities such as swimming, in case the eyebrow pencil washed off. She also made great efforts to ensure that no-one would see her without her eyebrow make-up.

After trying numerous lotions, potions and pills with no success, Rita decided to look into alternative solutions. She visited Vinci Hair Clinic for a consultation with Dr. Nikolas Kyriakou, who recommended eyebrow transplant surgery. Eyebrow hair transplants can be used  to restore the shape and form of the brows, or simply correct areas of patchiness or sparseness.

Rita decided to go ahead with surgery, as she was engaged and wanted to look and feel her best for her wedding day. She opted for FUE style eyebrow hair transplants. In the FUE procedure, hair is removed from the scalp in a narrow strip, and divided into smaller grafts. The donor hair is placed into the eyebrows, under local anaesthetic, which prevents discomfort. It takes around six months for the results of the surgery to be fully visible. Though Rita was unable to wear make-up on her brows during the initial healing period, she felt it was worth the wait to get the brows that she had always dreamed of.

If, like Rita, you are unhappy with the appearance of your eyebrows, Vinci Hair Clinic can help. Arrange your free consultation now by giving them a call or completing their online contact form.

Rita’s Eyebrow Transplant Story