Regardless of social status, income bracket, fame or notoriety, one should be entitled to a certain amount of privacy. And much to the detriment of the mega-famous, this can be at times quite a struggle.

Celebrity-ism and the obsession the public has with the famous are strange phenomenon. For reasons that are difficult to explain, people (women mostly) can’t put aside gossip magazines that inform us on everything certain celebs do – from what they ate for breakfast to the color bathing suit chosen while laying next to their very own pool. One article even discussed and compared the various methods celebs use to tie their shoes. Can you imagine? It’s no wonder they end up in rehab. A line really should be drawn at some point.

Rob Brydon

For Rob Brydon, his method for the madness was not unlike Rabbit, Eminem’s character in 8 Mile, who disabled his opponent in the rap battle by simply laying himself out on the line. By sharing his story openly, it didn’t leave much for the opponent to put in print. Especially with the delivery of a comedian, admitting that he “felt that his head was warmer for a while now, but he couldn’t actually spot the reason for this,” left no better way to say it.

This balance is a frail one, however, as people (even celebrities) should be entitled to a private life. Though he may have wanted to keep the procedure a secret, by openly sharing his story and giving a “so what?” the media didn’t pursue the subject at all. Perhaps the media cut him some slack on the issue because he’s a rather cool guy and he’s “in the like” nowadays. Much like Cheryl Cole in her X-factor days who couldn’t do anything worth a scathing by the media, but that ended when the British media took our their claws against an outfit she boasted at an LA affair.

It’s difficult to understand the tide of the media and paparazzi, let alone the world’s sudden movements. One thing is for sure though: as long as celebrity-ism exists, magazines will feature celebrities, the public will buy magazines, and people will care about the hair transplant of Rob Brydon. However, we shouldn’t really give a damn about his hairline. He is a good individual who makes the world a better place by making people laugh. So if he wants to change his hairline, then we should only wish him the best.

Rob Brydon had a hair transplant, but does anyone care?