Following the most recent photos of Prince Harry’s ever-growing bald patch, rumours have emerged that the British royal is planning on getting treatment for his hair loss.

Prince Harry’s Continued Hair Loss

In previous blogs, we observed that Prince Harry is experiencing the hereditary hair loss condition androgenetic alopecia. Like his father, Prince Charles, and older brother, Prince William, the British Royal has gradually been losing hair from the top of his head. Some UK tabloid papers recently claimed that Harry has finally decided to take action and book a hair transplant. Whether this is true, or just a rumour, remains to be seen. It seems unlikely that the 34-year-old will make a public announcement about getting surgery, although his life in the public eye means that any changes in his hair will soon be noticed.

A Hair Transplant for Prince Harry?

If Prince Harry is considering having hair restoration treatment, getting a hair transplant would offer him a number of benefits. Though his hair loss is gradually advancing, he still has enough hair at the back of his head that surgeons could harvest for grafts. The result that could be achieved would look perfectly natural and be permanent. The FUE hair transplant method would be a particularly good option for the prince. The state of the art surgical technique uses a micro-punch tool to extract the grafts and requires no stitches. It leaves little evidence to show that surgery has taken place and the healing period is short. After having hair transplant surgery, the prince could opt to use additional treatments to enhance the overall result. Minoxidil, for example, is an FDA-approved and clinically-proven medication that works to stimulate the hair follicles. He could also use LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) to promote healthy hair growth.

Hair Restoration

While we often hear about celebrities having hair transplant surgery, it isn’t just those who live life in the limelight who choose to fight back against hair loss. Vinci Hair Clinic’s specialists say that hair restoration treatment can be beneficial to anyone who feels that hair loss is impacting on their life and how they feel about their appearance. They have helped thousands of men and women from all walks of life to regain their confidence and their hair with surgical, non-surgical and medical treatments.

Royal Hair Transplant Rumours