15079018_363817013953502_3025499035545569719_nThe innovative use of dots to create portraits and convincing paintings by artists like Vincent van Gogh and Maximilien Luce have captured the imagination of audiences for over a century. Did you know that their technique––pointillism––is now used by hair clinics to convincingly mimic the appearance of a shaved head or thicker hair for balding men and women? At the Vinci Hair Clinic, we believe that scalp micropigmentation is more than just a procedure––it’s a form of art. And it’s an art that we’ve perfected.

Many men with full heads of hair already prefer the sleek, freshly-shaved look of a “buzzed” head. Using the latest technology, trained technicians apply their art to the scalp of balding men to produce this stylish, sleek look for patients who have lost their hair, and often their confidence to long battles against alopecia. Inspired by the work of tattoo artists, scalp micropigmentation is permanent, so it’s important for men to only trust the best artists with the task of developing their new look. Because scalp micropigmentation employs different equipment, techniques, and ink than regular tattoo artists, it’s vital that you rely on trained professionals like those at the Vinci Hair Clinic, and not amateurs or pop-up clinics who employ regular tattoo artists.

Many men and women don’t bald completely, but instead experience a slow thinning of their hair. While they prefer to keep the hair they have, these men and women often wish they could restore the appearance of thickness their hair once had. The pointillism of scalp micropigmentation can be useful for them, too. A trained micropigmentation artist can reduce the contrast between the color of the hair and the scalp by employing the finest techniques to fill in the gaps.

As with all art, scalp micropigmentation can easily––and permanently––go wrong if you trust the wrong hands. Each artist performs their art differently, and so it’s important to check the track record of your scalp micropigmentation artist before deciding to go through with the procedure. Set up a consultation with the Vinci Hair Clinic today to explore our artistry and decide for yourself whether or not this new art could be just the thing you’re looking for to restore your appearance and confidence.

Scalp Micropigmentation is a Form of Art