The promise of reborn confidence is inspiring men all over the world to investigate new techniques for combating hair loss. One technique, micropigmentation, is rapidly growing in popularity. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we know that different solutions work for different people, and micropigmentation is one of the many services that we offer. Micropigmentation has been growing in popularity each year as people find freedom and self-assurance with this new procedure. So what is micropigmentation and why is it becoming so popular?

Micropigmentation is a technique used by men and women with bald spots or thinning hair to mimic the appearance of a freshly-shaved head. It’s basically like tattooing thousands of tiny hair follicles onto your head. According to research by University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business, men with a shaved head appear taller, stronger, and more attractive than men with bald or thinning hair.  A recent article shares the story of a man with alopecia causing him to lose patches of hair; he felt the condition kept him from going out to pubs and clubs as well as from just being himself. He felt trapped by the hair loss.

After learning about micropigmentation, he decided to undergo the treatment. The newborn confidence he achieved changed his life a lot—and he’s not alone in his experience; micropigmentation makes people feel more enthused about life.

Micropigmentation is rapidly growing in popularity as more people are discovering the self-assurance available by combatting their hair loss. Contact a specialist at Vinci Hair Clinic today to discuss whether or not micropigmentation is the right option for you. The same solution won’t work for everyone, but knowing that there are choices like micropigmentation available to you is empowering! And that’s our ultimate goal–to help you find the same empowerment as millions who successfully combat their hair loss each year.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation and Why Is It So Popular?