The best hairstyles are versatile. With the right style, you can be ready for a clean, professional look or appear relaxed and easy going at a moment’s notice. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we love providing men with permanent, cosmetic hair restoration through scalp micropigmentation (SMP) so that they can enjoy the versatility of cropped hair, or a buzz cut. Shorn hair can look professional or relaxed, and a permanent, cosmetic SMP doesn’t require the regular upkeep of traditional buzz cuts. If you miss your stylish hair, visit us at Vinci Hair Clinic to find out how we can give you a permanent, stylish buzz cut with our world-class SMP procedures.

Cropped hair and buzz cuts are so popular that last year, GQ repeatedly released photo series and articles convincing men to shave their hair.[i] Scrolling through the celebrities who cropped their hair last year, the universal appeal of the buzz cut is immediately evident. It remains a popular hair styling choice among men because it isn’t just stylish; it’s timeless. The versatility of a buzz cut enables men to be ready for any occasion at a moment’s notice. Cropped haircuts look great no matter your chosen attire or preferred fashion style. An SMP procedure will replace your thinning, balding, or bare scalp with a timeless, stylish look fit for all seasons and styles.

The lower price of SMP procedures compared to other hair loss treatments makes them an increasingly popular option. While hair transplant surgeries are an effective means of re-growing your hair, they might be cost-prohibitive for many people. SMP procedures offer an effective cosmetic alternative to pricey transplants. While drug treatments like minoxidil may initially seem less expensive than SMP procedures, they must be taken every day in order to remain effective. An SMP procedure offers a permanent solution at a lower cost than a lifetime of drug therapy.

At Vinci Hair Clinic, we offer expert, cost-effective SMP procedures at locations around the world. If you’d like to trade in your thinning or balding hair for a stylish buzz cut, contact us today.


With Scalp Micropigmentation, A Stylish Buzz Cut Could Be Yours