Ian has always looked after himself. Physically he works out every day, trains and teaches others how to keep healthy and fit. However many years of using health supplements, hormones and indeed hereditary hair loss contributed to Ian losing his hair.

Through a fellow hair loss sufferer and friend at his local gymnasium he discovered SMP Scalp MicroPigmentation, and realised this could be the solution to his hair loss issues. After an initial consultation with Vinci Hair Clinic at our Scotland office in Glasgow with our consultant Scott (Who has had the SMP treatment himself), Ian decided to have the treatment done at the Glasgow clinic which has an on site SMP service. Over just a couple of sessions, his hairline has been restored and he has had a hair design that looks like a full head of hair.

Being able to get the treatment Ian wanted locally, made it easier and more convenient for him to have the SMP treatment. Also being able to have aftercare available locally helped Ian to get all of his questions answered.

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Scalp MicroPigmentation Testimonial – Ian Sturrock