Women’s hair loss tends to be diffused, which limits the effectiveness of hair transplant surgery. The sad truth is that women often have fewer options for medical hair loss treatment than men––but there’s good news, too. According to myfitnesspal.com, advancements in scalp micropigmentation are causing more and more women to decide that the procedure is right for them, enabling women to enjoy the same confidence boost available to men through specialized scalp micropigmentation. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we want women suffering from hair loss to feel empowered by the number of options available to them. So how does scalp micropigmentation work for women when they tend to have longer hair than men?

For women with darker hair, hair loss amplifies the contrast between their hair and skin-tone of the scalp.

Micropigmentation is a specialized form of tattooing that uses different needles, ink, and skills than those employed by regular tattoo artists to mimic the realistic form of hair follicles. For women with thinning hair, micropigmentation can be used to fill out the gaps between hair, reduce the contrast between the scalp and the hair, and create the realistic illusion of thick hair. Scalp micropigmentation usually takes three sessions to complete––each one week apart­––but many women report significant improvement after only the first session. And the best part for many women is that unlike many other cosmetic hair-thickening approaches, scalp micropigmentation takes no effort to maintain and enables you to continue with your regular hair grooming techniques.

For many women suffering from hair loss, bald patches move around the scalp over time, changing in size and visibility. According to myfitnesspal.com, experts recommend that women receiving a scalp micropigmentation apply the procedure to the whole head, rather than just the parts currently visible. Doing this prevents future treatments so that after only three weeks, you’ll never have to worry about your thinning hair again.

At  Vinci Hair Clinic, we employ only the most skilled technicians and use the highest-quality equipment to ensure that our female patients receive the best scalp micropigmentation available today. More than anything, we want to empower women by informing them about the many options available to combat their hair loss.

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Is Scalp Micropigmentation a Viable Option for Women, Too?