Diffused hair loss or an overall thinning head of hair is becoming more common for men and woman; hair coverage is kept but there is a drop in the density of hair, or each hair begins to become finer over time, resulting in the scalp becoming more visible. This can make hair styling harder and limited. SMP can place tone between the thinning hairs, helping to reduce the contrast between the hair and skin, creating the illusion of greater hair density and a fuller head of hair, making styling your hair much more flexible.


SMP can be combined with a hair transplant; SMP can increase the look of density between the transplanted hairs. It will have no negative effect on the transplanted hair or any native hair, and when combined can effectively enhance the overall result and give greater styling opportunities.

Although results are immediate, no different to using SMP on a bald scalp, the best results are achieved over multiple sessions, helping to build the tone up and improving the look of cosmetic density.

Before deciding on SMP if you have thinning hair it is important to ensure you are a good candidate, contact a Vinci Hair Clinic near to you. You can speak to one of our advisors on the phone, or complete the contact form for a free no obligation consultation.

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