At Vinci Hair Clinic we are aware that there are hair clinics that don’t have a team of experts like we do nor specialised surgeons like ours. In most cases, these issues result in unprofessional treatments that leave scars. Those patients who have gotten a hair transplant in other hair clinics and have been left with scars now have a solution to their problem thanks to Vinci Hair Clinic because we have added a hair transplant scar camouflage service.

Unlike what most people believe, the shorter the hair, the better the scar is camouflaged.

Hair Transplant Repair

During treatment further improvements will be done in order to camouflage completely the hair transplant scar.

At Vinci Hair Clinic we offer you the scalp pigmentation service, in which an implant of specific pigments will be done at the epidermal level in order to camouflage the scars that certain hair clinics may leave after a hair transplant. This way you will be able to cut your hair as short as you want without worrying if the scars can be appreciated.

The hair transplant surgery can leave scars when not performed by a professional, experienced and specialised team and surgeon. Our clients can be sure that in our Vinci Hair Clinics they will not have this problem; nevertheless, many people contact us to receive a free consultation about how they can camouflage a scar caused by a hair transplant that has been performed in another hair clinic. For that reason, and due to our commitment to offer the best and latest services to our clients, we now offer a medical tattoo or micro hair tattoing service that can effectively camouflage this kind of scars through the implant of specific pigments at the epidermal level, achieving a hair simulations in the scalp.

Also if a patient gets a hair transplant together with a scalp pigmentation, less donor hair is required and therefore, more people can be good candidates for a hair transplant.

Hair Transplant Damage Repaired Using Micro Scalp Pigmentation

This patient had a poor hair transplant, pluggy looking big grafts and no appearance
of a natural hairline the photos are taken after just one treatment.

This optical hair simulation is based on the dermopigmentation or Micro Hair Tattooing  can darken the scalp in order to get a darker look closer to the client’s hair colour and therefore a thicker and denser appearance.

Nevertheless, it is important to understand that the paramedical micropigmentation offers a level of realism far beyond the mere shading of the scalp. Each micro hair is created individually by hand in order to obtain a hair follicle replication, providing not only a darker scalp, but also a simulation of a thicker and denser hair.

You can see our extensive Micro Scalp Pigmentation Results in our Complete Online Gallery.