Vinci Hair Clinic now also offers the dermopigmentation or Micro Hair Tattooing service, along with the rest of our treatments, as a new solution for the vast amount of people that suffer from alopecia, baldness or hair loss. requested a free consultation, just out of curiosity, and now enjoys a more youthful look.

Male Pattern Baldness and Micro Scalp Pigmentation

Male pattern baldness, sometimes called androgenic alopecia, is a very common type of alopecia that affects men of all ages, ethnic groups and lifestyles. Although the male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia often affects men indiscriminately, if there is a male pattern baldness record on any side of the family, it is likely that the androgenetic alopecia will be in the hair roots genetically programmed receptors of any of the siblings. These receptors attract a hormone known as “dihydrotestosterone” (DHT), which is formed by the action of enzymes on testosterone. The dihydrotestosterone slows down and finally impedes the hair follicles from producing hair.

Our genes not only determine factors like our sex, height or skin colour, they also determine our hair characteristics, for example if it will turn grey or if we will lose it at some point during our lives. Besides, the extension of the area affected by the alopecia or baldness, often depends on the inheritance from one or both parents. In other words, if you have a family history of hair loss, it is really probable that you also suffer from male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia at some moment during your life.

Male pattern baldness typically manifests as a hair loss from the top of the head, while the hair still grows at the back and sides. The most common pattern is the ‘horseshoe’ effect, which spreads backwards gradually until it leaves no hair on top of the head, only an edge of hair around the sides and back. Usually, as time goes by, this edge will also disappear completely.

As it happens with many other things in life, the hair loss is often considered something inevitable and it is accepted as ‘one of those things’ that happens in life as you age. For many people, alopecia is really ‘one of those things’ that is not so annoying, or if it is they would never admit it. If the person accepts his alopecia, baldness or hair loss, doesn’t feel that the alopecia is affecting him negatively and his self-esteem remains untouched, then he can consider himself lucky! Unfortunately, that’s not the case for millions of men around the world. The hair loss may have a significant impact in the confidence and self-image of an individual, and can lead to all kinds of negative assumptions. Here are the most common:

  • “Women don’t find me attractive anymore”
  • “I look much older than I really am”
  • “There is nothing I can do about it”

Hair plays a very important role when defining your image, that’s why it’s not surprising that those who suffer from male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia react in this way.

Is there a cure for male pattern baldness?

At the moment, there isn’t a cure for male pattern baldness. Given the potential value of any ‘wonder drug’ that could be developed, scientists working for the largest pharmaceutical companies of the world have been working on a cure for decades, and is possible that a cure is found in the short term. Nevertheless, it is most recommended to make changes in your hair care routines and general lifestyle, since this may help minimizing or delaying the beginning of the alopecia or hair loss.

  • You should be more respectful with your remaining hair. Most of the people are too rough with their hair. It’s better to use a comb than a brush, and you should avoid using caps or very tight hats. Hair is more fragile when it’s wet, therefore you should treat it with more care.
  • Some shampoos and other hair cosmetics may improve your hair’s thickness and volume. Ask your hairdresser for advice.
  • Short hair minimises the contrast between the areas affected by alopecia and those with hair. Long hair has the opposite effect and is very ageing. Needless to say, combing the hair of a bald area isn’t a good idea.
  • Include enough proteins in your diet; especially if you are vegan or vegetarian (sometimes the hair loss starts when people stop eating meat). Make sure you don’t have anaemia, eat lots of iron-rich food like liver, eggs and vegetables.

In spite of the fact that there isn’t a 100% tested cure, there is a wide variety of lotions, potions, pills and other treatments that aim to reduce, prevent or even invert the alopecia. The individual testimonials vary, therefore we advise anyone considering using these treatments to research each one completely before making a decision. You can find more information in our page about the alternative treatments for male alopecia or hair loss.

How can the Scalp Pigmentation technique help me?

If you suffer from androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness, do not despair! If you have decided to take action against your alopecia problem, you have a multitude of options available. At Vinci Hair Clinic we offer a wide range of treatments, our latest service is known as dermopigmentation or Micro Hair Tattooing, although you may know it as optical hair simulation, and has been used to treat hundreds of people worldwide that are suffering from baldness. The scalp pigmentation creates an optical hair simulation that is based on the implant of specific pigments in order to create a medical tattoo that simulates the look of shaved or closely cropped hair.

If you want more information about this artistic hair simulation or Micro Hair Tattooing  technique, you can visit our micropigmentation for men and techniques and technologies pages.

We offer the dermopigmentation or micropigmentation service to clients in different stages of male pattern baldness, from slight receding to complete hair loss. Perfect results can only be achieve through knowledge, experience and dedication.