Scalp Pigmentation is a unique technique for curing baldness using pigments to give the impression of a natural hairline.

What is the Scalp Pigmentation technique?

Micro Hair Tattooing is a scalp micropigmentation technique which is part of a specialised treatment that consists in implanting specific pigments at the epidermal level in order to create an artistic hair simulation. This technique has been developed by combining micropigmentation / dermopigmentation, medical / therapeutic tattoo, and traditional techniques of artistic tattooing.

How does the Scalp Pigmentation technique work?

The Micro Hair Tattooing or scalp pigmentation has nothing to do with a regular tattoo. In contrast to the traditional tattoos, the Micro Hair Tattooing must be carried out by a professional, because in order to apply the dermopigmentation technique a wide variety of different needle sizes, penetration depths, angles, pigment colours and distribution degrees must be used depending on the specific area of the scalp that needs to be treated, the skin tone of the patient and the desired final look.

In this artistic hair simulation technique, a.k.a. optical hair simulation, the needles don’t penetrate as deep as they do in a standard tattooing procedure and besides, properly tested pigments ought to be used instead of the common tattoo inks that change colour. Computer-controlled microfine needles in triple clusters have to be used in order to achieve the guaranteed consistency of results required by the scalp pigmentation.

The Micro Hair Tattooing process is carried out with state of the art computerised equipment. Moreover, it is necessary to use an array of sterilised single-use microneedles especially manufactured to penetrate the dermal layer of the skin. Then a range of shadows and pigment tones especially blended to guarantee a hair follicles replica coherent with the specific size, form and density of the hair and microhair replications is applied. In all the treatments, different scalp pigmentation techniques must be applied in order to achieve outstanding results and a completely natural appearance.

The artistic hair simulation or Micro Hair Tattooing techniques are applied following an especially developed process along with an array of scalp dermopigmentation techniques in order to penetrate the dermis of the skin. This is what creates the simulation or replica of hair follicles and micro hairs that are reproduced efficiently and coherently inside the dermal layer of the skin. Therefore, the pigment implant at the epidermal level creates a transdermal hair replication. This hair follicle replication is a detailed process in which each hair follicle must be consider as an individual task. Micro Hair Tattooing requires this level of attention in order to consistently achieve the most outstanding results.

Typically the treatment is done in two sessions depending on the circumstances. Quite often it is necessary to do three sessions, mostly in those cases in which a scar hair camouflage is required as part of the treatment.

The Micro Hair Tattooing process has been specifically designed to be a safe process, by using completely sterilised and disposable consumables. Our policy at Vinci Hair Clinic is not to compromise quality due to cost savings. We guarantee you that during the process we only use the best equipment and the best consumables of the market to ensure your complete satisfaction.

The clients that have gotten the Scalp Pigmentation haven’t experienced any kind of side effects, although some clients can feel temporary discomfort during the treatment. If necessary, it’s possible to receive anaesthesia; nevertheless, the majority of the clients doesn’t require it. After the treatment, the skin may be slightly red although it will recover its appearance in just a few days. Also, the new hairline may have a more defined appearance immediately after the dermopigmentation treatment due to the fact that it can take up to a week for the hair line to fade.

Thanks to the extraordinary scalp pigmentation techniques you will be able to get an innovative, modern, unique and natural look.

At Vinci Hair Clinic we only offer state of the art techniques and technology to our clients and therefore we now offer this service. Vinci Hair Clinic assures you that you will be treated by a team that has a 100% customer satisfaction record thanks to its artistic talent and dedication to satisfy the client.

The process of implanting specific pigments at the epidermal level is completed with a specialised technique to produce a natural looking hairline on the sides, front and back. This optical hair simulation will create a natural looking hair density on your head.

Keep in mind that many people think Micro Hair Tattooing or scalp pigmentation is just a regular tattoo. Even though sometimes we refer to it as a tattoo, there are great differences between these techniques. If you want to see more samples of clients and how the Micro Hair Tattooing helped them, you can take a look at the results page.