I’m a Celebrity is a jungle-themed reality television show where celebrities and other notable TV personalities go through some grueling challenges. Of late, the challenges have included eating some horrible looking bugs or getting locked in a box with some creepy crawlies. It’s no wonder that the most recent winner of the show, Scarlett Moffatt saw it fit to celebrate her win, and the end of her time in the jungle, with a new hairstyle. Imagine what spending weeks in the jungle would do to your hair. The grease, the slime and just the environmental conditions in the jungle aren’t conducive to a healthy head of hair.

When she went into the jungle, Scarlett Moffatt had shoulder length dark hair. Keeping it together and tidy in the jungle would have been a monumental challenge for her. Now that she’s out and emerged as the winner of the show, she’s decided to make some changes. She decided to go for a bob, a hairstyle she claimed she chose because she missed the show’s jungle doctor, Bob. “Missing Doctor Bob that much I thought I’d get myself a bob. New hair woo #shorthair”, she said.

What does Scarlett Moffatt think about hair extensions?

She absolutely loves them. As fans will recall, one of her most recent hairstyles featured near waist-length hair extensions. Her advice, though, is to make sure extensions are not too tight and don’t leave them in for too long! When you’re a public figure, it’s essential to keep your looks fresh and that means your hairstyle too. She finds hair extensions give her a lot more to work with in terms of both color and style. So, when it comes to hair extensions, it’s thumbs up from Scarlett.

Life after the jungle

Although Scarlett Moffatt’s days in the jungle are over, she still retains a legion of fans who quickly took to social media to comment on her new hair. If you want people to notice you, simply do something drastic to your hair and you’ll soon hear their comments. Hair is such a powerful statement that it’s no wonder the media pays attention when a celebrity decides to get a chop or add a touch of color to their hair.

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Scarlett Moffatt chops her hair off in a dramatic post-I’m A Celebrity makeover