Scalp MicroPigmentation Testimonial by Scott McGaw, a patient at Vinci Hair Clinic. Scott was suffering from thinning over the top area and around the crown. He wanted to be able to both wear his hair very short as well as grow it longer. Scott got great results that looks extremely natural, as you would expect from such a procedure with the leaders in Scalp Micropigmentation.

Scott came across the Micro Scalp Pigmentation treatment by Vinci Hair Clinic online, after viewing our extensive range of Vinci MSP videos on youtube. After arranging a consultation at our dedicated London clinic, Scott decided to have his MSP treatment with our experienced clinicians at our MSP academy at Wigmore Street As you can see by his fantastic result, he was very pleased and would recommend the treatment to anyone with similar hair loss to him.

Vinci Micro Scalp Pigmentation In Action

“The problem area I had was the crown area. The fact was there was not much hair in that area. It was very thin.” Scott has three Scalp Micro Pigmentation sessions at our clinic, where the density was re-applied using our unique pigmentation technique. “The procedure has done me the world of good. It looks like there is now hair there, but there is not; its pigment. The SMP was done over three sessions, where the first session drew in the desired hair line I wanted.”

The MSP Scott had added density to his crown, and the only maintenance he now has to do is shave his head ever 2-3 days. “It works really good. It keeps the contrast from the pigment to my hair very precise so nobody can notice the difference between my hair and the pigmentation.

Original Image Before MSP
Modified Image After MSP

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Micro Scalp Pigmentation Testimonial – Scott