Even though it can happen to people of any age, hair loss is something usually associated with aging. But did you know that many people in the past probably didn’t live long enough to even lose their hair? People have longer lives today because of the advances of modern medicine. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we’re working to use those same tools of modern medicine to ensure that you can not only have a long life, but also keep your hair as you age! We know that your hair matters to you. And in fact, hair has mattered to people throughout history––but in the past, people didn’t have the tools to perform hair regrowth procedures, like hair transplants, that we can perform today.

In 1564, when the famous English playwright William Shakespeare was born, according to ourwoldindata.org, the average person was only expected to live to the age of thirty-six![i] Can you imagine that? Today, we think of people in their thirties as having barely reached the middle of their lives, not coming to the end of them. But in Shakespeare’s England, a thirty-five-year-old person would have probably been considered old. It’s no wonder, given the short lives people lived at the time, that Shakespeare’s characters in “The Comedy of Errors” talk about time as being cruel to humans. One of its worst sins, according to Shakespeare’s character Antipholus, is giving hair to animals but taking it away from people as they age. To that, the humorous Dromio responds that time takes their hair but gives people cleverness instead!


Shakespeare’s Dromio is right––even though we lose our hair as we age, humans have become quite clever. We were clever enough in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to revolutionize medicine and raise our life expectancies to more than double what they were in Shakespeare’s time. And now, in the twenty-first century, teams of researchers and doctors are using their cleverness to work out ways to restore the hair that time has stolen from you. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we use the cleverest methods available to restore hair through cutting-edge hair transplant surgeries. Take back control over your life and your appearance by contacting us today to see how we can help you restore what time has stolen.



Shakespeare on Hair Loss