Have you heard of the latest scalp treatment? It is called scalp exfoliation and some people claim it is the best thing they’ve done for their hair health. Should you add this treatment to your hair-care routine too, or is it a waste of time and money?

What is scalp exfoliation?

The idea behind scalp exfoliation is to cleanse the scalp of sebum, dry skin cells and styling product residues. Aficionados of this technique say that a normal shampoo routine doesn’t fully remove this unpleasant sounding build-up, leading to an irritated, flaky scalp and unhealthy hair.

How to exfoliate your scalp

A growing number of hair and beauty salons are now offering scalp exfoliation as a treatment. However, many use a brushing method that is unnecessarily harsh. In fact, it may do may harm than good to your scalp, especially if you have a hair loss condition. A good alternative is to occasionally switch your regular shampoo for a product, designed to cleanse away build up without adding an extra step to your routine. There are several well-known brands offering shampoos, containing either mild chemical exfoliants, or small particles that gently scrub at the scalp as you massage them in.

Is scalp exfoliation suitable for everyone?

Sufferers of psoriasis and eczema should avoid scalp exfoliation, as it could exacerbate their condition. If you are currently having hair restoration, whether medicinal, surgical or non-surgical, you should check with your specialist before trying scalp exfoliation as it could prevent the treatment from working properly.

Does scalp exfoliation treatment help with hair loss?

It may be a pleasant addition to your hair care routine but scalp exfoliation has no proven beneficial effect in preventing hair loss. For men and women who are worried about thinning or balding, there are many superior alternatives. Vinci Hair Clinic, hair restoration specialists, offer treatments ranging from surgical hair transplants and non-invasive scalp micro pigmentation to low light laser treatment and PRP.

If you are looking for effective ways to beat hair loss, don’t waste time with untested and unproven remedies. Get a professional diagnosis and free, honest advice by attending a consultation with Vinci Hair Clinic.

Should You Add Scalp Exfoliation to Your Hair-Care Routine?